ATC Maastricht 2006

Researchers of the University of Salzburg participated in the presentation of the final results of the B-VHF project at the ATC Global in Maastricht.

The prime goal of the B-VHF project is to verify the feasibility of a broadband VHF aeronautical communications system based on the MC-CDMA technology and to demonstrate its benefits to the aeronautical community.

A system based on the MC-CDMA technology perfectly matches the future aeronautical communications requirements. As a modern full-digital system, it will provide sufficient capacity and fulfil security and safety requirements for future voice and data services at affordable cost, while increasing overall spectral efficiency of aeronautical VHF communications.

This programme is co-funded by the European Commission within the Sixth Framework Programme.

B-VHF booth at ATC 2006. Foto: USBG.