B-AMC Project started


Researchers of the University of Salzburg started their work on the Broadband – Aeronautical Multi-Carrier Communication (EUROCONTROL) project.

English: The Broadband Aeronautical Multi-carrier Communications (B-AMC) system is a candidate for a future aeronautical communications system to be operated in the L-Band (960-1164 MHz). It is based on the Broadband-VHF (B-VHF) system recently developed for aeronautical communications in the VHF band. As conditions in the L-Band significantly differ from those in the VHF band, basic physical layer parameters had to be adapted, which in turn required a re-design of the higher layers as well. B-AMC offers air/ground (A/G) as well as direct air/air (A/A) communication capabilities without ground relay. The physical layer has been de-signed to coexist with other systems located in the aeronautical L-Band. The B-AMC data link layer is optimized for low latency and low duty cycle data communication. The B-AMC study is funded by EUROCONTROL.

Simulated spectrum of B-AMC between two adjacent DME channels. Foto: DLR.

Deutsch: Das Broadband – Aeronautical Multi-Carrier Communication (B-AMC) System ist ein Kandidat für das zukünftige aeronautische Kommunikationssystem im L-Band (960 – 1164 MHz) Bereich, welches auf dem Breitband-VHF (B-VHF) System basiert. Das Ziel von B-AMC ist die Anpassung des B-VHF Systems für die L-Band Verwendung und eine Koexistenz mit den anderen, bereits existierenden Systemen, im aeronautischen L-Band zu ermöglichen. B-AMC bietet sowohl air/ground (A/G) als auch air/air (A/A) Kommunikation. Der B-AMC Datenlink Layer ist optimiert auf eine geringe Latenz und eine geringe Auslastung der Datenkommunikation.

IEEE Aerospace Conference 2007

Researchers of the University of Salzburg published at the IEEE Aerospace Conference from March 3rd to 10th in Big Sky, MT, USA.

  • S. Brandes, S. Gligorevic, M. Schnell, C.H. Rokitansky, M. Ehammer, Th. Gräupl, A. Schlereth, and C. Rihacek, “Final Assessment of the B-VHF Overlay Concept,” in Proc. IEEE Aerospace Conference, 2007.