Installation Diamond Simulator DA-42

The University of Salzburg is proud to announce that the installation of the new D-SIM 42 flight simulator is finished. This simulator is an exact replica of a real Diamond DA-42 aircraft. Usually this flight simulator is used to train pilots, however, at the Univesity of Salzburg it will also be used to evaluate future aeronautical concepts like datalink communication and automation supported procedures.

The image below shows a larger view of the finished simulator. Note that the cockpit is a real DA-42 cockpit including the instrumentation and Garmin 1000 flight management system.

D-SIM 42 Simulator

D-SIM 42 Simulator. Foto: Diamond Simulation GmbH.

ATC Global 2011

Researchers of the University of Salzburg attended the ATC Global exhibition to present their research to the public. The ATC Global is one of the largest international exhibitions for air traffic control.

They presented the remote control of different types of flight simulators (X-Plane, Google Earth) by a large scale air traffic simulation.

In the image below you can see the air traffic simulation on the right side (desk with five screens) and the remotely controlled flight simulator on the left (Google Earth on top, X-Plane below).


Foto: Thomas Gräupl