Iris/ARTES 10 Phase-B THAUMAS Project started

Researchers of the University of Salzburg started their work on the Iris/ARTES 10 Phase-B THAUMAS (ESA) project.

English: The THAUMAS initiative (Tailored and Harmonised satcom for ATM Uses, Maximising re-use of Aero SwiftBroadband) has been defined in line with the Artes 10 objectives. Starting from the well proven SwiftBroadband technology, the project will define and validate the upgrades needed to offer ATM services. The resulting system, called SB-S (SwiftBroadband-Safety) will be designed for compliance with stringent services and applications defined in the frame of the SESAR program.

University of Salzburg contributes advanced air traffic and data traffic models for the next decades.

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Foto: ESA – P. Carril

Deutsch: Die Iris Artes-10 Phase B THAUMAS (Tailored and Harmonised Satcom for ATM Uses, Maximising Re-use of Aero Swiftbroadband) arbeitet an einer Erweiterung des Inmarsat SwiftBroadband systems. Das Design des Systems basiert auf dem Dual-Link Konzept (Satcom und terrestrial L-DACS), wobei die Nachrichten über beide Datenlinks gesendet werden, um die Zuverlässigkeit und Verfügbarkeit zu erhöhen.

USBG adaptiert dabei die entwickelten Flugverkehrs- bzw. Datenverkehrsmodelle, damit diese für das THAUMAS Konsortium verwendbar werden.

Airpower 2011 in Zeltweg

Researchers of the University of Salzburg traveled to the largest Austrian air show: The Airpower11 in Zeltweg, Styria. This was they first time for them not to present their own research, but to enjoy the event as guests 😉