13th Integrated Communications Navigations and Surveillance Conference (ICNS)


Researchers of the University of Salzburg participated in the 13th Integrated Communications Navigations and Surveillance Conference (ICNS) from April, 23rd to 25th2013 in Herndon, Virginia, USA. They presented their research in new publications:

  • T. Gräupl, and M. Ehammer, “Simulation Results and Final Recommendations of the SANDRA Concept for Integrated IP-Based Aeronautical Networking,” in Proc. ICNS’13, 2013.

Getting Ready for the SANDRA Flight Trials

The SANDRA system will be validated in a common laboratory test-bed and in-flight trials using the DLR Airbus A-320.

On April 18th the SANDRA project has achieved an important milestone, toward the flight trials, which will take place during June 2013. The airborne segment of the innovative SANDRA communication system has undergone EMI electromagnetic interference tests which have been successfully passed.

The University of Salzburg supplies several innovative data-link applications to the SANDRA flight trials. Generic flight-strips and arrival/departure manager applications will demonstrate the feasibility to downlink complex flight-related information through the SANDRA system. University of Salzburg’s unique voice-over-IP appliance based on the ATC certified AMBE-ATC10B vocoder will make use of the advanced quality of service features provided by the SANDRA network.