Support for SESAR Project 15.2.4 started

The objective of the project is the development of an LDACS-1 Sub-System Emulator providing a behavioural and performance model of the LDACS1 A/G sub system on IPv6 layer. The LDACS-1 System Emulator shall be used in WA1.5 and WA 3 of SESAR P15.2.4 in order to evaluate and verify the proposed A/G subsystem candidates and the FCI concepts defined in WA 2. In WA1.5 the LDACS-1 System Emulator shall be integrated in the ALENIA (SELEX ES) simulation environment for evaluating the communication latency (RPAS vs future ATM) depending on predefined scenarios. In WA 3 this LDACS-1 System Emulator should be part of the P15.2.4 FCI verification infrastructure and supports the verification activities for the different FCI features, like Multilink concept, QoS management, Mobility, etc.